Friday, May 26, 2017

SAP FI Configurations

Transaction SPRO (SAP Project Reference Object) is used by SAP consultants to configure and customize SAP solution and EASY ACCESS screen is used by end users for doing the transactions.

GL Accounting

Define FI enterprise structure
1.    Define Company
2.    Define Company Code
3.    Assign Company Code to Company
4.    Define Business Area
Define Ledger settings
5.    Define chart of accounts
6.    Assign company code to chart of accounts
7.    Define accounts group
8.    Define retained earnings account
Define Global settings
9.    Define fiscal year variant
10.  Assign fiscal year variant to company code

11.  Define posting period variant.
12.  Assign posting period variant to company code
13.  Define open or close posting periods

14.  Define field status variant
15.  Assign field status variant to company code
Define Document settings
16.  Define document types and number ranges
17.  Define tolerance group and assign it to users
18.  Define tax procedures and assign it to country
19.  Define global parameters

20.  Controlling area settings
21.  Create GLs

22.  Test a transaction

SAP FI Configuration Screenshots :

Vendor Master Data & Customer Master Data Configurations

Vendor Master Data & Customer Master Data ( FI ) by Debesh Swain on Scribd

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